Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bespoke Gloves - Chester Jefferies

Just wanted to post a quick mention of these guys. English made bespoke gloves. Have heard good reports from some clients and forums but have yet to take the plunge. I have been emailed asking about this so thought it time to address what my plans are so you can view and decide from what occurs. 

What I will do is a stage by stage post and let you know the result when I do. This will be in the late Summer ready for the Autumn as there is no need at present due to warmer weather but if there is an overwhelming need from the blog audience then will do sooner for you.



Chester Jefferies:

They specialise in high quality ready made, by request and full bespoke gloves and seem very reasonable in pricing compared to what can be charged for normal department store ranges these days (in my London stores for good brands are at least £25 ($40). CJ gloves seem to range from £10 - £90 approx dependent on range reductions and quality and style. 

So, to explain the ranges as I ahev stated above and pricing a bit more? From my research there are three ranges to know of. 

  1. Ready made: these are the lower priced garments which will have less choice, or none, about size, lining, colour and so on. Very few of these though. Mostly specialist gloves and even then most still have colour choice.
  2. By request: these are ranges normally priced from £30 - £90 and have a very wide array of choices on each glove from colour, lining, size (SM, M, L, XL), and type of leather. Looks very good and the range of glove designs should please even the most picky of people.
  3. Bespoke: CJ charge a one off £20 ($33) amount to create your pattern which they will then keep for all future orders with no charge added each time. This is what I wish to go for at the end of the summer and get a good dress glove in delicious leather and lining so I can test drive them and report back.

Be in mind that CJ do charge a £5 ($9) worldwide delivery fee so take this into account when budgeting.


Please get in touch with your experiences and will happily post on blog to inform everyone of your story. Many thanks in advance for this but otherwise I will look forward to trying them out soon.