Thursday, 8 March 2012

Must have accessories - What pen to have: part 3

So some simple choices now. Fountain, ball point or roller? 

Fountain is a style of pen that has been around for many years and can date its basic design and practice from the quill. Early examples may originate in the 10th century but not until the late 19th century did the modern day fountain pen start to blossom. 

You have to love fountain pens to use them exclusively. Like marmite. Today's fountain pens are nowhere near as messy and annoying to refill but are still a trifle finickety as opposed to a regular ball point. I would advise to get one if your heart desires and spend only £50 max to see if the simple weekly/monthly upkeep is for you. If not then go for something else.



Ballpoint. This simple device revolutionised the pen industry like never before. All of a sudden here was a pen that worked so efficently and could be made so cheaply that throwing it away after the ink had run out was not a problem. All pen makers will make their style of design in pens in at least fountain and ball point.


Rollerball. The difference between the ballpoint and the rollerball is the ink. Ballpoint ink is an oil based liquid that can, in cheaper products, skip or blob when writing. Rare in a reasonable pen. The rollerball ink is water based so writes more smoothly but must have a lid on when not in use as can evaporate if left off. Some rollerballs are refillable. 


Let me know what you think and comment below.

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