Sunday, 28 October 2012

Skyfall - District3

He's a look at District 3's turn out for the Skyfall premiere on tuesday just gone. Now to given that they have been only in together and in the public eye for a little while it's not fair to expect they have anything proper for such events which isn't sourced, badly, for them. But there is no excuse to look so rubbish when you have supposedly professional experts send you stuff or at the very least dress you. Maybe they wanted their own twist and dressed themselves. Anyway, the overall is not good.
Greg - Pros: Best of the 3. Jacket looks good, trousers need a little shortening. Shoes ok. - Cons: shirt. Drags focus away from the overall look which is ok looks silly. Apart from shirt is ok but nothing special. 6/10

Dan - Pros: can't think of any. Even his bow tie is crooked. - Cons: Everything. bow tie not on straight, and probably meant too, collar of shirt is huge and actually overlapping the jacket lapel, jacket is too short, but that is not helped by the childish and supposed fashion of wearing trousers under the arse cheeks. Looks so dumb, like you cannot dress yourself. 4/10

Mickey - Pros: not bad fitting. - Cons: Not a dinner jacket, is a 3 piece, jacket short, trousers dong dumb arse thing too. 5/10