Saturday, 27 October 2012

Skyfall - Bear Grylls & Stephen Fry

James Bond's latest adventure is here and Daniel Craig steps up to take a third crack at Ian Fleming's 007. The Queens special secret agent with licence to kill has just recently come out. A lot of our clients attended the premiere and we made sure they were in the best of the best of Dinner Jacket ensemble to impress and delight as the bulbs flashed around them endlessly. Skyfall would seem to be a hit already by the packed out cinemas, and with a $200 million production, which is decidedly de regur in todays major box office world, it will most likely make most of that back this weekend.

Below is the start of the action. And I'm going to point out some highs and some very lows, but will have to spread over a few days as there is really so much here as to dos and donts regarding what you wear when if you want to stand out for the right reasons.

First up is Bear Grylls. Bear, you may be able to survive the icy glaciers of the north, or the sun blanched deserts along the equator with nothing more than your resolve and a sharp stick but my word how you died before you even turned up on the red carpet at the Albert Hall on tuesday 23rd (this being the 23rd film in the Bond series).


Advice to all out there. Don't do this if you wish to look good. Bear probably won't care and I'm sure it won't do his career any harm whatsoever so he can have fun, but if you care about looking good, and lets be honest you probably do if you're reading this, then be so out there that you resemble a jester or clown is not a good thing.

Bear, if you had wanted to look good then hire someone to advise on future events.


One of my style meccahs is Stephen Fry and to see him looking very classic and elegant. Seeing im play Malvolio next week.