Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Trolling the Charity (Thrift) stores

I'm not suggesting this is an option for myself or even you but there are a lot of guys starting out in business that can not afford £300 - £500 ($500+) for suits and ties and all the rest of it. And for me buying a decent jacket that can be worn out on a weekend may be worth a cheaper £10 flutter on a good make and fabric then spending £100 on a cheap dead in 6 months high street shop.

But I am the layman here in so many ways and know a few readers are on the same forums as I am and discuss this. But only in the States. 

So please let me know what you think. Good idea, bad idea? Good finds? Where are good shops?

A big one is: What to look for? There are a lot of good quality items that are being donated by a caring owner and may be perfect for you but what brands, makes are good to look out for.

I know our American cousins have a much bigger time of the Thrift store experience so value your input too guys.


Let us know what you think guys. Comment below.