Friday, 7 June 2013

Saving Time - Guest wriiten article on Watch Repairs for luxury brands

I have the opportunity to collaborate with a few sites and blogs from time to time and was contacted by a chap who works at BanksLyon jewellery and watches site. He has written an article that I think worth perusing but have never used before so cannot personally recommend their services or the quality of suggested sites he outlined in the article below. But I always appreciate quality and professionalism so wanted to post this for you to see what is available. Happy reading.

Daniel @ TGG

"If you’ve invested a lot of money in a luxury watch there’s no worse experience than having it break. At such expense to purchase you’d hate to have to cast it aside as defunct, and then go out and spend thousands of pounds on a new one. Thankfully, that fate isn’t inevitable. The quality of the watch will undoubtedly dictate that any repairs will almost certainly be beyond your standard high street repair shop, but there are some fantastic places out there that specialise in the repair of luxury watches. Take a look at our blog to see who’s best to help you.

TAG Heuer
Founded in Switzerland in 1860, and currently celebrating the 50th year of its impressive Carrera collection, TAG Heuer is one of the leading luxury watch brands in the world. However, TAG Heuer watches are notoriously difficult to fix if they are damaged, particularly the inner mechanisms. As such, they require a highly qualified pair of hands to tend to them; it’s important to get it right first time. For that professionalism and delicate touch, check out Martins of Glasgow at, as they have many years experience in fixing TAG Heuer watches. What’s more they accept watches from all over the world, so no matter where you are they can fix it for you.

One of the other big names in world watch making, Rolex, is perhaps one of the best known brands on the planet. The company was actually founded in London in 1905, but moved to Geneva, Switzerland in 1919, where it continues to operate today. The Rolex brand has become a by-product for status,opulence and wealth. Based in Manchester, Perpetual-Time ( offer excellent rates on Rolex repairs should your watch stop working, develop a crack, or become broken in any way. All their repairs also come with a 12 month guarantee, so you can be fully confident in the quality of the repair; it’ll be as if your watch was brand new all over again.

The first watch on the moon, the watch of choice for James Bond since 1995, and the official timekeeper of the Olympics since 1932, Omega can make some pretty big claims. Babla’sin London know the value and history of an Omega watch is an important factor when people choose to buy one, and so appreciate the care and precision required to repair one should it break. You can find them at, and their 7 day service will have your watch back to you within the week. The Omega brandmight be the final word in watches, but a broken chronograph doesn’t have to signal the end of time for you or your watch.

Big name brands require careful, professional and special attention. The nature of these watches takes them beyond the realms of the high street, and so the necessity to seek out dedicated help is imperative. With a purchase of this magnitude, you wouldn’t want to be wasting your time!"


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