Saturday, 1 June 2013

Where to get a handmade English tie? - Drake's of London


I am constantly surprised to find out how few people know about Drake's of London tie company. I learnt of them from a well dressed colleague across the pond (Thanks Spoo).

Founded in 1977 by Michael Drake, Jeremy Hull and Isabel Dickson, the original Drakes collection was comprised of mens quality scarves. A range of English handmade ties and printed silk handkerchiefs quickly followed, and today Drakes is the largest independent producer of handmade ties in England. Over the years the company has won prestigious accolades for design and export achievement, including the Queen's Award for Export and the UK Fashion Export Gold Award for Outstanding Export Achievement.

The original vision and ethos for the company – to be truly international in terms of sales, with collections designed for a select range of luxury shops from the most conservative to the most fashionable world wide – is the same today as it was then. Drakes continues to eschew the drama of mere gesture so prevalent today, believing that true luxury is indeed the comprehension of quality.

They are by far one of the very best as far as design, quality and overall satisfaction goes. Check out the tie part of the site here and see what you think. Each category opens out to further colours and various widths or weights sometimes so go nuts and explore their online store.

Ties vary in price at Drake's from £95 to £115 or £155 if you wanted the bespoke option which is a 2-6 week turnaround.

Two of my faveourites but there are so many delicate and subtle options which I always think is best in a tie. Grab attention with a tie but not with too much crass or colour.


Enjoy the blog and visit their site but also their shop on 3 Clifford street, London (just off Regent street) and et me know how you got on.

All images and rights belong to Drake's of London. I'm just a fan and hope you may enjoy their product and service.