Saturday, 22 June 2013

Street Style: Paris Collection, Part 1

Saw this guy waiting on one of Paris' versions of the Boris Bikes (a rentable bicycle in London).
This mans light blue top half and striking trousers look great. The trousers work ok but would wear a dark brown, red or navy suede, or leather, shoe.
Posted this simple but elegant street styler recently but worth a double mention. He caught me taking the picture. The sunglasses make this outfot.
A cigarette burnt down to the filter hanging stylishly from mouth, cafe in hand and texting busily away. you could say the perfect frenchman.
This cotton jacket just seems to look good on him; a little too large works in this as the trousers, shoes and cracking light pink shirt all raise the elegance of the look and let the jacket add a 'I care not' individuality.