Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What tie to pick for work?

A problem many gents suffer is what tie does one wear to work on a normal day to day basis? Neck ties are varied, to the absurd in some cases, so knowing what is safe or good to wear for work is the hardest part of the morning dressing ritual?

I tend to prepare all my outfits for the next week during the weekend and spend 30 minutes working out and setting out what shirt, tie, suit combo I will wear that week in one day rather than rush for 10 minutes each morning whilst I'm feeling groggy and end up choosing the same old tie and cufflinks as my brain is still half numb from blissful sleep.

When starting your wardrobe begin with plain or subtle patterned navy or blue ties. That's as simple as I can make it. Don't buy big and bold patterns and colours as you can wear these once a week max. This includes those chaps who love those really over the top ties and wear them 4/5 days a week. They shouldn't and you shouldn't at first. Sort out the plains and subtle patterns first and then get to the bolder ties in the future. That way you only have to wear them 2/3 days a week max and have a multitude of looks.