Monday, 20 February 2012

The Classic suit

The next suit in line after the power suit is 'the classic'. A less dominating look that will still look well groomed and sharply turned out.

This is a simple change of Foreground and Focus elements. If you are wondering what those mean then see link attached to read my explanation of outfit elements or go to The Power suit' post direct from articles.

The Background is the same. A timeless navy suit and once again should be tailored for that true visual impact but at least get one fitted but not uncomfortable. Single breasted and two button.

The Foreground we're going to change to a light blue shirt - this calms down the power of the navy and makes the look much more friendly.

The focus changes as well to a classic navy tie. This is the main reason why the whole result becomes much more open and inviting.

If you wish to add some pop just change the blue shirt for a white one and the resulting image will be bolder but not quite so outspoken as the Power Suit combo.

First two pic is the white shirt look I was talking about but the rest are 'the Classic'.

The Classic

Anybody who sports this look can go to nearly any function and look outstanding whilst never to overbearing. Send me your pics of success' when trying this out.

Tailor Dan