Thursday, 16 February 2012

What Shoes to wear? part 3

Classic styles are a must when looking perfect and dapper. This does not mean stuffy and traditional shoes but elegant and classy styles that will lead people to compliment you on them. And don't be fooled into thinking that when people have said "wow, they're interesting" that means they think your curly toed designer shoes look good, they just need to bring them up but without hurting your feelings.

I have put below some pictures of great shoe styles using Crockett & Jones and Loakes. Similar styles can be found in Chruch's and Barker's but I actual use both C&J and Loakes in my business so know their styles and designs better so have included them solely.

Below are a selection of your start up cornerstone designs. Get these first before designer ones as these will be right for all occasions and never go out of style. Also most designer shoes look ridiculous and should be avoided at all costs. Decent designer shoes are around but will cost more. Your first formal shoes should all be black calf leather. So please ignore the brown colour of the brogue below and think black.

Oxford toe cap


Plain or soft pattern

Additional formal shoes after 3:

Monk shoe

Classic casual:


Dark brown

Hope useful to your next shoe buying venture. Feel free to contact with questions.

Tailor Dan


  1. What is your opinion of Edward Green and how they compare to Loakes and Crockett & Jones?

    Nice blog too, thanks for doing this

    1. Thank you for your comment. Personally, I think Edward Green are a very beautiful shoe. As like C&J and Loakes they are made in North England. I would say though that the level of handwork and degree of completeness is very high in Edward Green. I have never had a pair so I cannot speak from experience but Edward Green and John Lobb are synonymous with being some of the most luxurious and expensive shoes in London and Europe.
      C&J are about par with Church's and are beautifully handmade but average price is around £370 whilst EG and Lobb are closer to £1,500. Loakes around £170.
      I don't know how much is brand name

    2. Thanks again and hope answered your question. Maybe a tad long winded though on my part.

    3. Appreciate the reply. I didnt realise Edward Green is so expensive!

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