Friday, 17 February 2012

What are the Do's & Dont's of Men's clothing? part 1

There are certain taboo practices you shouldn't do when dressing well. Some are golden rules never to break and others guide lines that can be bent. The best dressed men of the world do break the rules from time to time as challenging our concepts of style creates some wonderful and daring looks and always feel free to do so but at your own peril. You may end up with a disastrous look that people may be too kind to tell you doesn't work.

So treat these rules as daring jokes. Saying some in the right crowd at the right time may get a reaction that will make you a legend. Others will get you sacked.

Wearing tan shoes with navy:

This is a faux pas that has been around for as long as I can remember and has remained one of the worst dress habits to form. I have rarely seen this work as the clash of tan or light brown is not a colour that contrasts well with blue. The only time it works is with jeans. But this depends on the shoe style and depth of colour. Also the darker the jean the more the mix might clash. And also denim is a casual outfit and forgives more than a suit might.

If you are to wear a brown shoe with navy then dark browns, burgundy's or ox blood colours will work great as the photo below will show. It's not a perfect match for me but looks much better than the previous three pictures. If you want to play safe then stay wearing black when you don your navy suits.

Bright Yellow ties with classic suit colours:

This look is a very tough one to pull off. There are some great yellow ties and shirts to match it up but normally all have mixtures of blues, reds and pastels with patterns in them. And they can work very well. In fact I saw a chap this morning sporting a great mix of a yellow with navy dot against a white shirt, navy suit and a navy pocket handkerchief, but rarely do they work so well and most of the ones I see are too bold. Sunflower yellow is such a bold colour that it blazes out and can overpower a look. Steer clear of these to be safe unless you really know your colours and mix them well.

Match your belt and shoes:

If you are wearing black shoes you must wear a black belt. Same with brown or tan. This is a school boy error which most have been guilty of. Nobody will stare and point if you do it but better to purchase a good belt in each colour or a reversible if you must. These though have been know to break sooner than normal belts as they have a swivel action and can be over used. Go out and purchase one of each or ask your clothier, if you have one, to provide you with them for you.

Belt buckles

Casual dress can be much more forgiving when attempting fashionable belt buckles day to day. But in business avoid the habit of wearing big or weird designer ones. A simple basic dress buckle which is not a sheet of metal with a brand name on it works perfectly and goes with every look. For casual you can be a bit daring but if you are unsure what will work ask a professional. Ben better send me a picture of the belt and will help advise before you buy.

Dress well

Tailor Dan

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