Tuesday, 21 February 2012

What are the right socks?

Socks are an unusual one and probably the biggest opinion bashing area when it comes to what to wear. Some gents like very flamboyant socks and others only black. The tradition states that socks should match your shoes NOT your trousers as I have heard but nothing is absolute here.
If you wish to have green and yellow stripy patterns adorning your foot cosy's then by all means let your inner self be shown. Go with the flow as personally there is so much divided opinion that there isn't a real right and wrong.
I personally wear matching sock to footwear most of the time, barring trainers of course. So generally it's black. And the most wonderful of these is the over the calf length ones. I have about 8 pairs now and is just pure heaven. I rarely have to pull them up, and if the make is good the elastic will hold for a long while (not one of mine have gone since I bought them 1 1/2 years ago.
Here are some of the ones I provide for clients and sizing is a real easy step. And when you have found a pair you like buy as many of that and other colours like it as you can where ever you find them because in nearly all stores and companies styles and manufacture will change so maybe in one year be very different from the pair you bought before.

When you do buy in large amounts it also means you will have to worry less about cleaning every couple of nights. I make sure I have two weeks worth of socks and underwear rotation so my cleaniing happens for these only twice a month.
Cashmere socks are the best feeling you may ever half nd your feet will thank you for treating them so luxuriously but will set you back a pretty penny for good ones.