Monday, 20 February 2012

How to dress for an interview - part 3

 Tie - plain is best. Silk is most common but a good plain wool tie will do just as well as long as it is clean. Check for stains along the front. Don't worry if on the back only. Learn how to do a tie properly. If it looks like theses below (A) then well done. If it looks like the ones below  those (B) then your sadly out of practice and must continue till you achieve (A). No excuses. 



Now remeber all this will never get you the job. Nobody else can do the press ups for you as I have heard remarked before. The outfit does not a competent employee make. But it can be a personal trainer type of role. It can help you boost and show those qualities to much better acclaim then before. 

But it simply; if I had two guys who were on paper exactly the same and they both interviewed well and I had to hire only one, and one looked, sharp, together, ready for action and the type of chap you would introduce to your best business acquaintance and the other look like this...

 ...who would you offer he job too?