Friday, 10 February 2012

Men's Business Fashion? It Began With a Beau

Many men have dictated the trends of clothing through the years from expensive colours and materials in the roman empire to modern day celebrity and fashion house shaping the garmenst we buy day to day. But the man associated most with setting the trend towards today's modern suit is Beau Brummel.
He was part of the royal court and whilst he may look a tad old fashioned for or tastes now he truly was the arbiter of high fashion. He established the habit of wearing elegant, understated properly tailored garments and was copied around the country. His style and dress are credited with changing the fashion to eventually today's business suit. 

Mission Statement
My goal is help those may wish to learn how make the Gentleman's wardrobe a elegant and varied affair with instructions and rules to looking professional and debonair at every moment be it at work or in personal life. 
This is my love in life. This is why I do every day for my living. To bring high quality service and style in making you look good whilst making a very good living out of it too. I am in fact a Clothier and image consultant for a tailors in the London, England, and I work for the most successful and powerful men in the city by advising and then creating bespoke outfits for when at work and on personal time. 
I hope you find these pages useful and that my mission statement comes true. If you ever wish to use my professional services feel free to email me on and let me know your interest. 
But for now look to my posts to help you with the do's and dont's of today's business world and weekend casual to help build your wardrobe to what, it has the potential to be.

Tailor Dan