Thursday, 23 February 2012

How to dress for a promotion?

Here is a how to help dress for a promotion. The general rules apply for all work types but clearly this is generated towards a suit or jacket wearing gent so please use advice if appropriate but skip others if you would never be dressing well for this. But would wearing a good suit hurt? That's the question. If the answer is no then you could still wear one and has never been a reason in my time for not getting the job.

So from my experIence of clients seeking promotion and tailoring to those needs I have seen the do's and dont's many times as to when advice was heeded and when not.

Let me be clear, a well tailored suit and professional look will never alone great you the promotion. But it will help. The big part of being right for the position is down to you. But can your appearance lose you that same promotion? Absolutely. 

What would you do if you had two people both the same on paper and both interviewed well and had the characteristics you were looking for? But one was well dressed, clean, odour free and looked like the guy who could meet clients and be a good visual representation of your ethos. The other was dressed in a badly fitted suit. If a man doesnt look like he can be presentable or take care of his appearance would he be able to care for your business needs. It's that straight forward. Look at the picture below and see the differences. 

Below are some rules for things to embrace and others to avoid. Use this checklist the night before, in some cases such as altering a suit weeks before, to make sure you have prepared. Ignore at your own risk. Remember; fail to prepare, prepare to fail. 



  • Do wear a fitting suit that is clean and lint free. 
  • If you know a while ahead that you are up for this promotion then take a badly fitting suit, if you have no other better, to a tailor to alter.
  • Do wear a clean and well pressed shirt.
  • Do make sure your shirt is tucked in properly.
  • Do have collar stays in your shirt that are the right length and not curving under.
  • Do have a complimenting colour tie that is stain free and if frayed then run a razor along it to remove them. 
  • Do polish your shoes well. See link for good care and direction.
  • Do make sure your hands are clean and fingernails trimmed and not dirty underneath.
  • Do make sure hair is cut a couple of days before so as to not look just out of barbers but is still better then not all.
  • Do shave the night before rather then the morning so as to be clear of cuts or rashes that occur. If you have a fast growing stubble then get up early in the morning to do is instead.
  • Do use a moisturiser on face to get rid of dry skin and ease bags. 
  • Do visit the toilet to relieve yourself as interviews can be nerving and long. 
  • Do keep a relaxed posture as much as possible.
  • Do trim excess hair; nose, ear, etc...


Do not...

  • Do not eat garlic or onion before the meeting. 
  • Do not wear an over loud tie
  • Do not use moisturiser on hands for a while before meeting.
  • Don not have sleeves rolled up.
  • Do not wear a short sleeve shirt if avoidable.
  • Do not wear contacts for the first time. Can be a nightmare if not used to or dislodges. 
  • Do not fidget around in our chair. 
  • Do not put on loads of aftershave. One or two sprays max of something that is not powerful is enough.

 I hope this helps. Let me know you good news as a result but will welcome any horror stories you can share to pass on as a kind warning to others. 

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