Tuesday, 21 February 2012

How to care for your shoes - Step 3

 Now for the final part. Extras and storage. I have put a picture of an old guide to caring for your shoes that I thought has great advice and seems to run with the theory that when items and garments were less mass produced, so more expensive, we had to take much better care of them.




Good shoe makers will send extra laces with the shoes when purchased. If not then either purchase at least two pairs of black and one of every colour needed to match at least the colours of your shoe rotation. I buy bulk so as not to have to spend time from my busy day going to shops buying another spare pair so I ask the shoe companies what they chareg for 10 extra pairs and pay them that fee plus postage and packing. Again, good shoemakers are happy to oblige as they value your custom and may even add an extra pair free. 

If that seems too expensive when quoted but wish for bulk still then eBay is a great source. The down side is that sellers are not always professional shoe merchants and may provide not the best product so there is more risk there but the lower prices should ease that fear.



Shoes must be store in dry places and if possible separate from other footwear so as to avoid scratches and scuffs. If you have the space and the money then building a custom shoe rail or shelving is ideal...


....otherwise a simple shoe rack will do the job nicely. These can be found online from places like eBay and Amazon and can be shipped to you home easily.