Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Must Have Accessories - Pocket Watch & Fob

To have a three piece is to own a sense of elegance and history. The waistcoat dates back to 16th century Persia. The suit seems to have formed properly by George 'Beau' Brummel and his entourage to the kind of uniformity it bears even today. The tie rumours to come from a group of Croatian soldiers, many years ago, work long pieces of fabric around their necks. This led to the modern name of the cravat.

But here we speak of something just a little unusual. A pocket watch. These practical and decorative objects of the 19th and 20th century are back en vogue and are to be seen around in London, Milan, New York, Paris and so on. But not by just the old traditionalists but by the young and trendy. The fashion makers are turning to many Nic Nac store and online sites to buy these specialist items. They can say something about you that seems so much classier than a tie or cufflink can.

The watch goes perfectly with the three piece as the watch nestles comfortably in the lower welted pocket of the waistcoat and the chain(s) link to a buttonhole (some have a specialised buttonhole cut just for this purpose) by a fob. Some chains go on to the other pocket to create a curtaining bow effect.

The are a few ways to wear your watch classically but this is one item I think you may really be inventive with and the more original it's placing the bigger a conversation piece it is. But be bold and take the time to shop for one that says something about you.

Jude Law wears his pocket watch and chain very well and you may say that the first film with Robert Downey Jnr as Sherlock Holmes made a real change in the sense of permissible extras and features in the tailoring world. The traditional side of fashion has reared it's head concerning styles and looks so is it any surprise that Dr John H. Watson is sporting an item which is having a surging trend recently?

How to wear it?

Two styles, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona where we lay our scene (sorry to those that don't like Shakespeare). These are the two main fashions to wear ones pocket watch and fob. On the left you have the double albert?

Double Albert:

One chain is to attach to the watch and be dropped into the pocket of your choice. I am right handed so it feels natural there but either side is good.
The bar is fed thought the front of a waistcoat buttonhole, or the one added for this purpose, and acts as a wedge to keep the chains attached to the waistcoat and looping elegantly. Then the other chain is attached to a fob. This can be anything you wish, although you will have to take it to a jewellers and add a link to a bespoke object of your own. This fob acts as a weight to keep the other chain in place and is placed in the opposite pocket on the waistcoat to the watch.

Single Albert:

This version is the same but the fob part of the gain is short and should most likely have something light and  not awkward so it doesn't get in the way or feel uncomfortable. I've seen good luck charms, badges, even a little phial that carried the mothers ashes of gent in question.mthese things are possible.
My fob idea for my next purchase will be a locket with pictures of my two favourite girls, my wife and daughter.

Good luck and please send me your pictures to include in further posts on this.

Tailor Dan