Tuesday, 21 February 2012

How to care for your shoes - step 2

So we've covered polishing your shoes in the first post about caring for our shoes so now we must turn to general maintenance. 

First of all get shoe trees for all your shoes no matter there appearance. These keep the stretch marks at bay and help air your shoes. Natural wood is best rather than metal as the wood absorbs the odours and moisture and are normally naturally scented. 

Below I have added an idea of a shoe before and after. The top pair have worn out and wrinkled. Now this should happen naturally but after a year or so if you have a low rotation, maybe longer with more shoes to go around. The bottom pair is how they should be looking for much longer if only you put in shoe trees. The picture is actually of recrafting the shoe but explains my point well. 


Here are some shoe trees. There are many designs and choices but any will do. Remember though the better the make the longer they will last. But the price goes up. Expect a decent pair to set you back anywhere from £15 - £30 per pair ($24 - $48).


This photo shows a gents collection very well looked after but putting shoe trees in all but a few. All the pairs look in very good condition.


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