Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Ironing your handkerchief - asked by my wife

My wife made a very good point when looking over my blog to give her opinion. And that was that I had failed to mention, in my post on How to fold Handkerchiefs, and even worse, attach pictures, ironing the handkerchiefs. It was a folly and correctly pointed out by my better half.

When ironing best results come from cotton and silk but be careful on both and used a low heat. Try first with a tea towel over it so you don't burn the fabric. Steam use on cotton and linen are ok but be aware on silk and do not use the water spray, if you have one on your iron, on silk.

Never iron polyester as will melt and would advise never purchasing these anyway as they are not very good looking, just cheap.

Iron out the full square and if wish then fold twice in half till you get a square again and iron softly at that stage.

Thanks to my beautiful wife you will now have the most elegant of appearances when donning a handkerchief.