Saturday, 11 February 2012

What is the Right Tie?

 You know those chaps that pass you by in the street or you see whilst getting lunch that just seem co-ordinated in dress and look and don't even look like it was an effort? That is the goal for you and it can be done. One of the keys is picking the right tie with the right shirt.

A simple rule of thumb that should always be obeyed is MAJOR-MAJOR-MINOR. This simple formula will help you avoid those horrible clashing looks you have sported in the past. Probably not your fault as even the best dressed men had to make mistakes to find their own elegant style be that flamboyant or understated. Major, major, minor refers to never having more than two major patterns in the mix between your suit, shirt and tie. Below is are some examples of good and bad co-ordination. Look for what you think the major patterns are. Remember never more than 2 majors but you can do 3 minors, it's just a bit bland sometimes.

Bad combinations:

Here is a case of 3 majors all together. On there own the patterns are really nice and if any one of the 3 items (suit, shirt or tie) were plain then the look would be fantastic. Instead it looks busy. Great shirt and tie combo but is crying out for a plain charcoal fabric suit rather than a chalk stripe.

Here is a case of too many patterns again. This gent has 3 major patterns in a check suit, a check shirt and a stripe tie. Whilst none are over the top the resulting combination just looks too busy and would far better with a plain wool tie in brown or blue grey. Below are better options.

 Do you see the Difference these would make to the outfit. 3 great wool ties.

 This a again an outfit that has great components but just looks a tad over busy. Take the dots away from that tie and you have a really crisp look.

 Where do I start on this one. 3 major patterns again but this time the jacket is really too bold and over powers the look. Nice shirt and tie and with a navy suit or especially a 3 piece grey it would look superb.

 What a great casual outfit. But if only the tie were plain. Why some people thing the more Pratt s the better but clearly some do.

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